Ugh! I NEED 8-9 hours of sleep to feel my best! That doesn’t happen, usually. I literally JUST woke up from an hour nap since I can feel my body fighting something! What gives me a boost of energy? Fresh RAW green juice… On an empty stomach. The vitamins go strait to my bloodstream! And … Continue reading


I am beyond excited! We now have over 100 people wanting to get healthier and improve their lives!  Thank you for all of your support, wonderful comments (I LOVE comments!) and spreading the word about Loving Life… Naturally!  Please keep sharing with your friends and family so we can all continue to get healthy together! … Continue reading


Yay! We made it to 20 followers!  Thank you to everyone spreading the word about my new blog and the health journey we are going to take together!  Please feel free to continue to share with your friends and family, share a post on Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media source! I’m excited to … Continue reading

Organic Beginnings…

Why is it so hard to write my first one?  It actually isn’t my first one.  I am closing one blog, or chapter in my life and beginning a new adventure… in blogging! After three years of blogging, I hit a wall.  I had less and less to write about on that topic as I … Continue reading