Natural Living… Chemicals in our Cosmetics

I’m all for DIY these days.  I make my own deodorant, body butter, diaper paste (recipe coming soon!), shaving cream.  It started with deodorant when I was tired of wasting money on natural deodorant that didn’t work for me.  Soon after, my son turned 12 months old and had a diaper rash that just would … Continue reading

Never Buy Deodorant Again!

That’s right!  You never have to buy deodorant again…. and your friends will still want to be around you!  I bought four different natural deodorants before I was fed up!  I would end up smelling “not so fresh” by the end of the day!  Maybe its because I am constantly chasing two toddlers around, but … Continue reading

Dry Brushing

One of my very good friends, who has her esthetician license, recently shared a technique with me called dry brushing.  I heard of it years ago, and have even tried it, but it wasn’t until learning how passionate she was about dry brushing that made me consider giving it a try again!  Dry brushing has … Continue reading

Raw Shea Body Butter

It is shocking what ingredients manufacturers will incorporate in products that we use every day. All though there are many toxic ingredients, Parabens, which are cheap CHEMICALS used to preserve the cosmetics most people use DAILY, are the main offenders.  They are found in lotions, soaps, shaving gel, personal lubricants,  shampoo’s and conditioners, make-up,  toothpaste, … Continue reading