Natural Living… Chemicals in our Cosmetics


This is a picture of my DIY homemade deodorant.

I’m all for DIY these days.  I make my own deodorant, body butter, diaper paste (recipe coming soon!), shaving cream.  It started with deodorant when I was tired of wasting money on natural deodorant that didn’t work for me.  Soon after, my son turned 12 months old and had a diaper rash that just would not disappear!  It would go away 90% and then flare back up!  I was at my wits end with diaper creams, naked time (he was almost always naked at home!), bidet’s (I would wash his bum after every poopy diaper), we even treated him for yeast!  Poor little guy! I started making my own diaper paste because I was also tired of spending mucho bucks for diaper creams that didn’t work and were FULL OF CHEMICALS! Unfortunately,  even though I was using organic soaps and lotions, it didn’t dawn on me to read the ingredients of diaper creams.  I’ve used destine (thats what my Mom used on me!), Triple paste (which is like $30!), Aquaphor ($30!!), Bordeux’s Butt Paste ($20 and marketed to “look” natural), A&D, etc.  All of those are so expensive, made for innocent, pure and perfect babies, but are FULL of unhealthy, unnatural, chemicals, that can build up in their systems and cause CANCER!  Yes, that is right CANCER, not to mention many other health problems!

Our skin is our largest organ!  It absorbs what we put on it.  Yes, many of my posts are about food and cooking natural foods, but another important aspect is what we are putting on our bodies as well!

How natural is your lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, make-up, chap stick, etc? Just as it is important to read ingredients of the food you are eating, it is just as important to read the ingredients to what you are dosing your body with (try plain coconut oil for lotion or make your own body butter!).

I know, it is overwhelming!  But, think about it! The more Chemicals we are putting in and on our bodies, the harder our liver has to work to get rid of them.  Cancer rates are outrageous. Remember, it is estimated that 41%, yes 41%, that is 4 out of 10 of usWILL GET CANCER in our life time!  That is sick!  Most cancer IS NOT HEREDITARY like many people believe, the majority of cancer comes from what we put in our bodies… Chemicals!

What are the top chemicals found in cosmetics?  Here are the top 10…

Where are these found?  In your favorite products!  The FDA doesn’t tell you the truth.  That these products are KNOW to cause a variety of health problems… Cancer, infertility, hormone imbalance, and even damage to an unborn fetus!


(image: Dr.

Now, I know not everyone has the time or energy to do DIY.  So if you don’t, make sure to choose natural and/or organic products.  Do your research!  Read labels and Ingredients.  Unfortunately and Fortunately, once you learn about all of these dangers, you cannot turn it off.  I am learning as I go in this life, trying to make the best choices with the knowledge that I have.  I am staying away, as much as I can to things man-made, and choosing to live using and eating things God made… one step at a time!  Join me in this movement to natural living… Gods way!


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