Naturally Made Toasted Walnut Kale Pesto

One of my newest favorite foods is Kale!  I don’t know about you, but growing up I only new of Kale to be a garnish on a plate to make it pretty… but to EAT it!?  That was a different story.  I absolutely love it now and we literally eat it almost daily, if not daily. … Continue reading

Naturally Made Chia Pudding

Chia seed is a fantastic way to increase fiber in your diet.  1 Tbs has 5 grams of Fiber!  You can sprinkle it on top of yogurt, salads, replace them for poppy seeds, add to your smoothies, oatmeal or make a delicious, powerful, Chia Pudding!  What is so great about Chia is that unlike Flax … Continue reading

Recycle, Reuse, and Organize… your Pantry!

Instead of tossing those glass jars into your recycle bin, save them!  Wash them out and reorganize your pantry!  I was tired of having bags and bags piled up on the shelves so I slowly started saving the glass jars I had been recycling!  What a difference!  I am able to find what I’m looking … Continue reading


I am beyond excited! We now have over 100 people wanting to get healthier and improve their lives!  Thank you for all of your support, wonderful comments (I LOVE comments!) and spreading the word about Loving Life… Naturally!  Please keep sharing with your friends and family so we can all continue to get healthy together! … Continue reading